Plot Area : 1021 SQ. M.

The story began in MARCH 2011, when we visited a small site located amidst the towering masses- as was peculiar for that part of SURAT. However, the idea of designing the landscape for a private bungalow- to create a PERSONALIZED, ISOLATED space n the middle of what could only be described as a CONCRETE JUNGLE was challenging. The profundity of the challenge was not lost upon us as we started to brainstorm a plan of action to create a tailored space for the house.
THE CHALLENGE The design had to be a RESPONSE to the architecture, and of course, the ELABORATE set of requirements from the client, established the conditions for the landscape.
THE IDEA A RAISED outdoor space serving as a Front yard or an ANGAAN to the house gives a sense of a deep CONNECTION to the Earth- a herculean feat that today’s Urban Areas strive to achieve. With due respect to this CHARACTER, we categorically identified the transition spaces- between the entrance foyer raised front yard, and the ground storey of the house.
MULTIFOLD ADVANTAGE OF SKEWING -It breaks the monotony of a linear design, creating VISTAS, and interesting nooks for the eyes to rest with variations in design – A VISUAL LINE to follow for pleasure of thought. -A significantly LARGER CENTRAL SPACE could be achieved. – It allowed a STRONG viewing angle to perceive the house while sitting inside the pavilion that flanks of the party lawn or AANGAN.    
LAYERS OF INTERACTION : An Exclusive RAMP connects the entrance to the raised yard. Serves as pedestrian and party Entrance.  A peculiar feature of this ramp is the extended Garden pathway  that becomes an overhead Bridge Terminating into a BALCONY . A simple but significant connection to the streetscape while being in the  safe zone of house – a modern take on the OLD CITY STREETSCAPES , yet unique to the context


Architecture by :  Studio Lagom Photography by: Photographix